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The Coal Company was taken over in 1955 and stablished on August 1st, 1960 Since May 6th, 1996, Ha Tu Coal Company becomes a member - unit belonging directly to Vinacoal

Ha Tu Coal Company is exploited by open cut mining. The Company is characteristically big coal reserves and good quality. Its capacity is about 1 MPY.

 Modern mining equipment.

         The Company's equipment is always renovated. Coal is exploited selectively. Coal sizing and choosing are implemented at the company. Coal quality and categories for domestic consumers such as power pants, cement plants and other demands as for export as well are assured by a system of coal stocksperfected adn Coal produced by the company is using for power plants, cement plants and other demands of the national economy and exported to many countries such as Japan, South Korea, China and some other East European countries. Malaysia, Indonexia.

         Hatu Coal Company is one of the big open cuts controlled by Vietnam National Coal Corporation (Vinacoal) Hatu coal deposit was discovered and exploited for hundreds of year. The company is producing about 1 TPY of merchandise coal. Its remaining coal reserves are accounted approximately 45 Mt.

        Hatu Coal Company's development orientation in the period of 2001-2010.

        Exploiting and consuming 1.000.000 - 1.700.000 tones of coal per year.

        Removing 6.600.000 - 12.000.000 m3 of overburden per year.

Functions and duties:

Function: Hatu Coal company is a dependent accounting enterprise of Vietnam coal General Corporation and the State own enterprise established by Prime Minister authorization.

Hatu Coal company is a basic economic goods production unit( coal is the main product) belong directly to Vienam Coal General Corporation. They carry out the line of strip mining, manage the assigned mineral areas, mining control and can use all resorse to finish the task assigned by General Corporation as well as meet the market demand.


  • Coal mining, processing and consumption.
  • Road transport
  • Industrial project building
  • Spareparts manufacturing, assembling repairing, and renew its equipments and means of road transportation
  • Port management
  • Construction material production and trade.
  • They also carry out series of other business activitives under the law basing on developing its ability and potential as well as effectuate the task of General Corporation.


       - People's Armed Forces Hero Unit in 2000.

       - Labour Hero Unit in renovation time in 2003.

       - 01 Labour Hero (Comrade Trinh Van Nghinh) in 1986.

       - 02 National Emulation Soldiers.

       - 02 first - grade, 02 second -grade and 07 third - grade labour Medals for the Company's staff.

       - 04 second - grade, third - grade feat of arms medals for the Company's staff.

       - Granted with 12 challenge banners of Uncle Ho.

       - Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2004.



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